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I am currently listening to Maunside Radio; a station based around Mansfield. Although it offers a diverse lineup of shows, I am going to be writing about the Rock and Roll show on Wednesday nights 19:00 until 22:30. This is the first time I have listened to this particular rock and roll radio show; in the past I’ve tuned in and out of various other stations but I have to say that this show has really impressed me! Concise dialogue and loads of excellent tunes. ‘Sexy Mother For Ya’ and ‘Dynamo’ being examples of these; the diverse songs chosen are very enjoyable. Often a problem with rock and roll radio shows, is that the songs blend together in a mass of someone’s personal taste that reeks of one genre or area of rock and roll. This show, however is extremely exciting in its music choice; from rockabilly to 1940’s lindy tracks to local bands…to the classics 1950’s rockin’ tunes.

They can accept requests, which is always a great personal touch for listeners. I personally sent a request for ‘High Class Lady’ by the Lennerockers and it was played accompanied by a lovely comment from the DJ! Brilliant.

Thoroughly recommend the station, if you want to listen go to

www.maunsideradio.com and click ‘Listen Now’ at 7:00 on a Wednesday night… enjoy, and rock on! Support this local station!